Mountain View’s Men's Ministry is designed to lead men to be spiritual leaders in their homes and work. Iron sharpens iron. A goal of the MVBC Men's Ministry is to strengthen commitments to each other as Christians and as men of faith. 

We have a breakfast each month to engage each other in the Word and in life. Outings include hiking, fishing, and other adventures in our beautiful state. Benevolence projects involve serving our community.


We strive to create men's groups of 3-4 (called D-Groups) for discipleship and spiritual growth. D-Groups commit to forming a relationship, i.e., a family atmosphere, with each member, regardless of interests, age, and/or any other social economical differences. Every man has something to bring to the table. Young, old, newly saved, or mature in faith, we can inspire, encourage, and help to strengthen each other's walk. Men of faith, bonded in this manner are a blessing to each other, to MVBC, and to our community.

We would love to see you and have a great conversation with you!


Let us, as God-loving men, be a light to the world; a representative of our savior, Jesus Christ, It is only in this life that we can secure the next. Let us invest each day in the Heavenly Kingdom, where our investment will not rust nor be devalued.





Michael L., Men's Ministry member

And the light shines on in the darkness, but the darkness has not mastered it.  John 1:5 (NET)